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With Master Scheduling’s complete planning and management system, you can review and monitor forecasted demand, anticipated production, parts and service requirements with ease. Powerful “available-to-promise“ logic helps you effectively plan, schedule and manage your resources for projected demand, quotes and estimates.

Finesse Master Scheduling also gives you the option of managing both a production plan and master production schedule. You get precise ”bucketless“ supply and demand data. And, using the module’s simulation capability, you can evaluate various scheduling options before generating the actual material plan, ensuring timely, cost-effective resource allocation. It’s the simple way to master your scheduling.


  • Multi company, plant and warehouse capabilities
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • High-level planning tool for single, family or grouped products
  • User-defined information and period date ranges
  • Actual demand and receipts for past due actions
  • Run detail, pinpoint, history/analysis, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Date driven forecasts
  • Projected and net available calculation
  • On hand and safety stock analysis
  • Lot sizing
  • Flexible, multi-level available-to-promise logic
  • Negative projected available-to-promise actions


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Comparison reports


  • Job scheduling
  • Bucketless processing
  • Planning bill of materials
  • Shop calendars defined by work center, employee, day, month, year and plant
  • Planning and demand time fences
  • Actual demand pegging
  • Actual shop orders and purchase order receipts
  • Firm and planned order processing