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G/L is the heart of the system and accumulates information from all the various subsidiary accounting modules, structured the way your organization desires with your account numbers, funds, object of expenditures, and detail so that you always have a truly meaningful financial picture.
  • Budget tracking features allow for automatic budget reporting and maintenance.
  • Transactions may be posted individually on a real-time basis, or by batches.
  • Entries can be added any time prior to posting, even after posting!
  • Entries to a closed period are allowed.
  • System provides for unlimited funds, journals, budgets, account segments and fiscal periods with clear audit trails established automatically.
  • Account structure for fund accounting has met the standards required by the Uniform System of Accounts for New York State, and other such organizations in the U.S.
  • The post feature will not accept out of balance entries, avoiding costly mistakes!
  • System is designed to be “date sensitive” which means that transactions can be posted to past, present and future accounting periods.
  • There is no complex or difficult procedure for closing the general ledger at the end of a fiscal period or at the end of a fiscal year.
  • Accounting periods may be left opened, if desired, and still allow proper financial reporting! Running a trail balance for a given fiscal period will provide the closing option. If elected, the system will do all the necessary processing to automatically close the respective period.
  • You are not limited by forced procedures and “old system” rules. You are in control!
  • An extensive set of financial reports are built-in.

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"General Ledger" is part of the eTEK Fundamentals and Enhanced Fundamentals Suite line of products, developed by Enhanced Business Systems.

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