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Verify utility bill accuracy and spot problems using EnergyCAP’s library of over 50 audits.

EnergyCAP’s audit library includes over 50 audits for flagging bills with excessively high or low usage, missing bills, and abnormal dates. Create audit groups, perform quick check audits, and automate bill checking. Audits can also be run on meter data, time-series data, and budgets.

Thanks to EnergyCAP’s utility bill audits, a major California university received a $195,000 utility bill refund.

The university had been consolidating all energy data and utility bill tracking, auditing and reporting in EnergyCAP. During this process, questions were raised regarding property tax assessments that included potential sewer billing errors in the previous three years. A subsequent review by the utility company confirmed that the university was being charged two different ways for the same sewer services.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bill Audits:

"Bill Audits" is part of the EnergyCAP line of products, developed by EnergyCAP, Inc.