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After you’ve won a bid for a project you now face the challenge of executing a project; and making sure that profit is still profitable. Work is organized into groups of tasks and scheduling is done so your resources are used incredibly efficiently. Encompix offers you unlimited flexibility in planning your projects. Most companies involved in custom-engineering purchase materials as needed, to reduce the needs for material planning. If this is the case for your company; Encompix is your complete solution because it matches changing production and customer requirements by providing better visibility throughout the project completion process.

Encompix ERP is made directly for your specialized operations; allowing scheduling to be done in several ways. You can either schedule on a first come, first serve, simplified basis; or either forward by start date or backward by due date (both in finite or infinite modes). You can also add the Advanced Planning and Scheduling module to complete truly finite scheduling using a rules based or user-defined conditions. Any rescheduling produces a performance metric and a customer scorecard to analyze effects and determine the best schedule. With the Plan application you will be able to watch your projects progress, while being given the ability to constantly manage and view your costs on a job-by-job or total project basis.

If you already use Microsoft Project to setup your initial scheduling structure and measure schedule progress, Encompix can adapt to your processes. Any routings created in MS Project can be imported into Encompix; and furthermore any changes or production updates recorded in Encompix are exported and posted back into MS project, so that both systems are always coordinated.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Plan:

"Plan" is part of the Encompix line of products, developed by Encompix.