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To aid in your manufacturing processes Encompix has developed the Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module (APS). APS is based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC), eliminating the restrictions of other MRP-based scheduling systems. Whether you don’t have enough space required for assembly, or you don’t have enough operators to run the machines to complete the work; the multiple constraint management options in Encompix will enable you to employ a variety of scheduling options. Furthermore, Encompix allows you to plan your production based on your business policies (customer priority, least slack time, reduced set-ups, etc.). Taking into account constraints on capacity, materials, tooling and labor pool; Encompix will determined the best possible schedule. Various simulations can be run on scheduling to determine the effectiveness of different scenarios, before you commit your resources to one plan.

Encompix also provides your managers with immediate feedback on shop floor control. Encompix allows you to implement anything from bar code readers and data collection devices, to online employee time cards with concurrent job allocations; all in the interest of providing you with better and more immediate feedback. Shop floor tracking collects information on labor, material and scrap. By receiving information from the shop floor in a more timely manner, you as a manager can respond to, and implement corrective measures, to any changes that may arise.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacture:

"Manufacture" is part of the Encompix line of products, developed by Encompix.