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Since you primarily deal with custom engineered products, providing accurate estimates, with reasonable and competitive prices, is vital to winning projects for your business. Encompix’s estimating abilities can eliminate a lot of the time it takes to produce detailed estimates, for what are typically labor intensive tasks. Estimating in Encompix is done in three separate ways:

  • Estimating by “buckets” of time or dollars - When an estimate involves the use of a large amount of labor and time, you can create an estimate using buckets. Encompix assigns labor hours or material dollars (buckets) to selling general and administrative expenses and markup percentages, you can derive a selling price. This can then be used to generate a formal customer quotation.
  • Estimating using detailed bill of material and routings - If you need a more detailed estimate than bucket estimating can provide, you can use a bill of materials to generate an estimate. To do this you copy estimates or standard items from previous jobs, then using the rolled up multi-level cost summary, you can project a desired selling price for up to five quantities of your one time custom-engineered products. Additionally, estimates are determined from determined costs plus your desired gross/net margin percentage.
  • Estimates using Microsoft Excel or Access-based estimating tools - If you already have custom-built applications that utilize spreadsheets or Microsoft Access to generate estimates, Encompix can interface with those applications to maintain your important estimate generation process. The benefits of integrating your outside generated estimates into Encompix, is that you can now monitor actual costs against the estimate; and monitor the job throughout completion.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Estimate:

"Estimate" is part of the Encompix line of products, developed by Encompix.