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EmpowerPO is a complete, easy to use information system enabling you to better manage the procurement of goods and services for your business.

With EmpowerPO, purchasing agents can manage requisitions, purchase orders, receipts, and invoice approvals more efficiently and with greater flexibility than ever before.

EmpowerPO’s Requisition module offers you fully automated, electronic creation and approval of requisitions. Users can create requisitions then have EmpowerPO electronically route the requisition to one or more approvers based on the dollar value of the requisition and/or the GL Accounts charged.

EmpowerPO also improves your efficiency in creating and distributing purchase orders. EmpowerPO’s electronic format enables you to easily distribute POs via email or fax.

EmpowerPO’s Receiving and Invoice modules insure that only what is ordered is what is received and paid for by using a three-way electronic match. EmpowerPO expedites solutions to problem invoices by electronically routing discrepancies to the appropriate person and improving communication between vendors, buyers, and requestors. Feature Checklist


  • Create electronic requisitions on any workstation in your organization
  • Quickly select items from pre-defined vendor catalogs to set price optimum order quantities
  • Order new or one-time items without having to set up a vendor catalog
  • Automatically assigns a list of approvers to the requisition upon completion
  • Approvers assigned based on dollar amount of the requisition and/or departments/accounts
  • Requisitions are electronically routed to each approver in the correct order
  • Route requisitions across the room or across the country
  • Requestors can always view the status of a requisition
  • Approvers can create notes to pass along the approval trail
  • Requesters can view notes during the approval process
  • Automatically creates the purchase order when all approvals are entered

Purchase Orders

  • Enter via keyboard or automatically created from approved requisitions
  • Use multiple PO types to determine rules for processing blankets, inventory, and service POs
  • Enter POs as approved or unapproved
  • Electronically route unapproved POs to buyers
  • Automatically assigns PO numbers
  • Use character prefixes with PO numbers to identify the source of the PO
  • Search for PO numbers in seven different ways including vendor, buyer, date, requestor and item
  • Record confirmation date and who the confirmation was with
  • Freight/taxes can be pre-approved when the PO is created, or specified by amount if they are known
  • Establish item catalog for regularly purchased items
  • Enter an unlimited number of suppliers, their terms and conditions, for each item
  • Establish price and/or quantity tolerances by percent or by amount for each item/vendor
  • Empower automatically calculates and stores average days to deliver
  • Use different units of measure for quantity ordered and price
  • Expense one item to multiple departments or cost centers by amount or by percentage
  • Assign items to pre-defined commodity classes for expense analysis
  • Track items purchased by cost code in addition to ledger account
  • Record vendor item numbers in addition to internal item codes
  • Establish separate required dates, ETA dates and shipment dates for each item of a purchase order
  • Enter comments for the PO or for each line
  • Indicate if comments are printed on the PO or only available for receiving
  • Specify up to two taxes per item

PO Printing

  • Print a PO at a time, or print all POs created in a day
  • Re-print a PO at any time
  • Print cancelled and change orders
  • Print or fax POs to vendors
  • Print on pre-printed forms or laser stock


  • Receive items by PO
  • Record the bill of lading or packing slip ID to facilitate invoice matching
  • Record the receiver, carrier, location, and date
  • Empower displays each open item, eliminating the need for typing
  • Allows partial receipts for any item
  • Allows multiple receipts per item
  • Allows changes to/deletions of incorrect receipts
  • Ability to expense upon receipt

Invoicing/Credit Memos

  • Enter invoices by PO number
  • Automatic three-way match between the PO, receipt and invoice
  • Checks PO price against invoice price
  • Checks life-to-date invoiced amount against PO amount
  • Checks invoice quantity against received quantity
  • Checks if PO is open, and not cancelled
  • Invoices with variances of quantity or price are entered as unapproved and routed to an approver
  • Approver can reconcile problem, correct PO/receiver/invoice
  • Approver can record notes of what action was taken
  • Credit memos can re-open a PO item for receiving corrected items without creating a new PO

Budget Checking

  • Ability to validate if PO expense exceeds remaining budget
  • Specify if an over budget condition is an error or a warning
  • Record commitments in EmpowerGL and/or EmpowerCosting


  • Complete library of standard reports including:
    • Purchasing Register
    • Open POs By Buyer
    • Expedite PO
    • POs Ordered Not Received
    • POs Received Not Invoiced
  • Easily modify any standard report or create reports using the powerful PowerBuilder® report writer

Additional Features

  • Multiple companies
  • Secure access via username and password
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Establish menus/navigation by job task or by user
  • User preferences establish business rules for processing

Client Server Technology

  • Open system architecture
  • Multiple DBMS support for Oracle, SQLServer, Sybase and SQLAnywhere
  • Client support for WindowsNT, Window 3.x or Windows95

Service and Support

  • Onsite installation
  • Onsite training
  • Custom programming
  • Source code
  • Annual maintenance
  • Software enhancement lists
  • User conferences

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EmpowerPO:

"EmpowerPO" is part of the EmpowerFinancials line of products, developed by EmpowerFinancials.