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EmpowerIV is the heart of Empower’s e-business distribution software, providing the tools you need to ensure your inventory levels meet the demand of your organization in the most cost effective way possible.

Knowing accurate levels of inventory and understanding current and future demands upon that inventory are crucial elements in creating customer satisfaction. EmpowerIV provides the e- business tools required to meet this objective head on.

Starting with EmpowerIV’s extensive item catalog, you can document all of the rules for selling, buying, and ware-housing each of the thousands of items used in your business. Multiple units of measure, multiple costing methods, and automatic generation of requisitions/ purchase orders are just a few of the many features EmpowerIV provides.

Keeping accurate on-hand balances and knowing future demand and supply of every item is easy with EmpowerIV. Item demand resulting from EmpowerSO, and item supply resulting from EmpowerPO, are sent to EmpowerIV instantaneously. Using this information, EmpowerIV deter-mines which items require attention and automatically creates an un-approved requisition of purchase order for these items. The inventory manager can electronically review the requisition/purchase order, check past usage of the item, then approve, cancel, or adjust the document with a few clicks of the mouse.

Since EmpowerIV handles the tough part of the job, that means you have more time to sit down and analyze inventory usage using EmpowerIV’s inquiry capability, which provides the entire history of each item from a single window.

*Features Checklist: *

Item Catalogs

  • Unlimited text for item description
  • Item catalog allows different units of measure for inventory, purchase, sales, and analysis
  • Assign user defined commodity codes to each item
  • Item catalog allows for an unlimited number of vendors per item
  • Separate terms and conditions for each vendor/item
  • Ability to mark a primary vendor for each item
  • Establish receiving tolerance by percentage or by quantity for each item
  • Track vendor standard and net pricing for each item
  • Import Item information directly from vendor catalogs


  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple business lines per warehouse
  • Option to track by lot and/or serial number
  • Assign item location within the warehouse by section/row/shelf


  • Supports LIFO, FIFO and average costing
  • Pre-define General Ledger accounts for all transactions for each item


  • Establish safety stock by item/warehouse
  • Establish economic order quantity by vendor/item
  • Automatically create purchase orders/requisitions when an item falls below the safety stock
  • Allow inventory manager to review/edit purchase orders before processing by buyer/vendor
  • Physical count modules allows counts by location and/or commodity

Reports and Inquiries

  • EmpowerIV provides online item inquiries for:
    • Current balances by location
    • Transactions since a user-specified date
    • Open/closed purchase orders for an item
    • Open/closed sales orders for an item
  • Inventory valuation report
  • Inventory replenishment report
  • Item transaction audit report

Additional Features

  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple currencies with automatic gain/loss calculations
  • Secure access via username and password
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Establish menus/navigation by job task or by user
  • User preferences establish business rules for processing

Client Server Technology

  • Open system architecture
  • Multiple DBMS support for Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, Sybase and SQLAnywhere
  • Client support for WindowsNT, Window 3.x or Windows95

Service and Support

  • Onsite installation
  • Onsite training
  • Custom programming
  • Source code
  • Annual maintenance
  • Software enhancement lists
  • User conferences

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EmpowerIV:

"EmpowerIV" is part of the EmpowerFinancials line of products, developed by EmpowerFinancials.