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EmpowerGL merges the power of today’s technology with proven features resulting from years of experience in developing financial information systems.

The result is a comprehensive financial information system designed for use by managers and finance professionals throughout your organization.

Designed to work the way you do, EmpowerGL lets you define how you want to structure your financial database, then helps you create one or more ledgers to meet your financial information requirements.

Whether your requirements are a single ledger or a multicompany, multicurrency system of ledgers, EmpowerGL’s flexibility and comprehensive set of features ensure you will be able to meet your current and future needs.

Fiscal Calendar

  • Unlimited number of fiscal periods
  • Supports short fiscal years
  • Monthly, 13 period, 4-4-5 calendars
  • Supports closing period separate form fiscal periods
  • Open next fiscal year and still process JEs for the prior year
  • Control which periods are open or closed for posting

Chart of Accounts

  • Up to 50 alphanumeric characters in your account number
  • Unlimited hierarchy levels (Assets, Current Assets, Cash) in the COA for grouping related accounts
  • Move accounts within the COA hierarchy at any time
  • Financial and statistical accounts

Financial Balances

  • Unlimited number of balances for each account including budgets, actuals, last year, forecast, etc.


  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Daily exchange rates
  • Automatic JE for month-end exchange rate adjustments


  • Supports multiple companies
  • Unlimited number of levels in your organizational structure such as company, division, dept. etc.
  • Assign your naming conventions to each level in the organizational structure
  • Change organization roll-ups at any time
  • Journal Entries
  • General journal entries
  • Adjusting journal entries
  • Standard journal entries
  • Reversing journal entries
  • Import journal entries from a text file
  • Copy any posted journal entry
  • Reverse any posted journal entry
  • Save JEs to text file without posting and recall for editing at another time
  • Mass change any column for all JE transactions
  • Repeat column value from a prior row
  • Online transaction and balancing totals
  • Enter and suspend a JE without posting
  • Comprehensive audit trail includes multiple reference columns for each JE transaction
  • Detail/summary journal entry listing
  • Journal entry inquiry
  • Record a description of the JE for reporting/inquiry
  • Automatic assignment of JE numbers
  • User defined JE number format
  • Audit trail of the user and time each JE was created


  • Posting of journal entries and all subsidiary system transactions is immediate
  • The journal entry transaction amounts are posted to all organizational levels immediately
  • Automatic inter-company JEs
  • Ability to close periods to prevent further posting (with the ability to re-open)

Drill Down Inquiry

  • View consolidated balances online for any organizational level
  • Drill down from consolidated balances c to division, department, etc. totals
  • Continue the drill down to journal entries or original source documents
  • Analyze one account then jump back to the consolidated balances and begin another drill down
  • Drill down shows multiple balances such as YTD actual and period actual for each account.

Financial Reporting

  • A library of standard financial statements lets you get up and running quickly
  • Standard formats for:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Trial Balance
    • Detail General Ledger
    • Summary/Detail JE Listing
    • COA Listing
    • Cash Flow
    • Organizational Listing
  • Easily modify any standard library reports or create additional reports using the report writer
  • Database views enable novice users to create reports easily
  • Create graphs, pie charts or sophisticated reports- within-a-report

Additional Features

  • Automatic year-end closing of profit to retained earnings
  • Support for direct posting from non-Empower applications written in PowerBuilder®
  • Secure access via username and password
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Establish menus/navigation by job task or by user
  • User preferences establish business rules for processing

Client Server Technology

  • Open system architecture
  • Multiple DBMS support for Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, Sybase and SQLAnywhere
  • Client support for WindowsNT, Window 95/98 or Windows2000

Service and Support

  • Onsite installation
  • Onsite training
  • Custom programming
  • Source code
  • Annual maintenance
  • Software enhancement lists
  • User conferences

Other Applications

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"EmpowerGL" is part of the EmpowerFinancials line of products, developed by EmpowerFinancials.