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EmpowerAR is a comprehensive tool that enables you to effectively manage your receivables operation.

Starting with a flexible, table driven setup, EmpowerAR’s features facilitate efficient processing of customer information, invoices, credit memos, and cash receipts. In addition to easily handling your receivables transactions, EmpowerAR provides easy to use credit and collection tools to insure timely follow-up of overdue accounts.

EmpowerAR also offers a compre-hensive means for creating and printing invoices. With features such as automatic price verification and email, entering and sending invoices has never been easier.

Flexible and easy to use, Empower-AR’s check entry module improves the efficiency of recording cash receipts. Using any one of EmpowerAR’s four automatic application methods, the application of cash to open invoices has never been faster. Features such as NSF checks and the ability to reverse any application means greater accuracy and elimination of unnecessary paperwork.

With EmpowerAR’s intuitive question and answer inquiry, you have access to information when you need it. Knowing a customer’s receivables position at all times means you can manage your business better. Feature Checklist

Invoices/Credit Memos

  • Enter invoice/credit memo information with fewer keystrokes using customer defaults
  • Automatic due date calculation using the terms code and the invoice date
  • Assign different GL posting date than the invoice date
  • Assign each invoice/credit memo to separate business units for ship to and bill to
  • Ability to allocate line items to multiple GL accounts
  • Ability to assign line items to a job/project account independent of the GL account
  • Enter comments in addition to priced items
  • Selling and pricing units of measure
  • Descriptions, units, and prices are automatically supplied for items in the price table
  • Enter standard price, discount price, special customer price for each item
  • Establish prices by quantity purchased
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Unlimited number of taxes per invoice
  • Inter-company invoices
  • Import invoices/credit memos from a text file
  • Create invoices by copying an existing invoice
  • Create credit memos by copying an invoice
  • Create credit memos by copying an existing credit memo
  • Apply credit memo to one or more invoices after creation
  • Reverse credit memo applications at any time
  • Print invoices/credit memos using pre-printed forms
  • Print invoices/credit memos using cut sheet laser paper

Sales Analysis

  • EmpowerAR offers a wide range of reports that group sales info over any period of time:
    • Sales by Account Manager
    • Sales by Customer
    • Sales by Customer Class
    • Sales by Document Class
    • Sales by Item
    • Sales by Item Group

Cash Receipts

  • Enter and apply cash receipts on the same window
  • Select from one of four application methods:
    • Oldest first
    • Matching amount
    • Specific invoice number
    • Display and mouse click
  • Enter cash, leave on account, then apply the cash later
  • Apply cash from a single check to multiple ship to customers
  • Separate application date from check date for GL posting
  • Ability to enter adjustments or write-offs during cash application subject to a customer limit
  • Automatically calculates prompt payment discounts during application.
  • Non-AR cash receipts
  • Reverse applications at any time
  • NSFs automatically reverse applications and re-establishes the receivable
  • Listing of all unapplied cash receipts
  • The user may enter a deposit ID to cross reference with the bank’s, or generate an ID
  • Multiple remit to addresses
  • Assign remit to addresses by customer

Bank Accounts

  • Unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Reconcile bank statements easily online:
    • Reconcile outstanding deposits using keyboard/mouse
    • Reconcile by importing a file of transactions supplied by your bank
    • Enter interest and fees during reconciliation. They are automatically posted to GL

Customer Profiles

  • Character or numeric customer IDs of up to 25 characters
  • Address and contact repositories eliminate duplication
  • Separate address/contact for ship to and bill to
  • Inter-company customers
  • Mailing labels
  • Establish default values for:
    • Invoices/credit memos
    • Cash receipts


  • Complete library of standard reports including:
    • Detail/Summary Invoice/Credit Memo Batches
    • Sales Register
    • Deposit Register
    • Detail/Summary Aging
    • Customer Statements
    • Unreconciled Bank Register
  • Easily modify any report or create reports using the PowerBuilder® report writer
  • Database views enable new users to create reports without knowledge of data structures


  • Inquiries put information at your fingertips. EmpowerAR provides inquiries for:
    • Invoice payment status
    • Invoice items
    • Invoices/Credit memos received since
    • What check paid an invoice
    • What invoices were paid by a check
    • Checks received since
    • Customer aging
    • Customer credit analysis
    • Customer profile

Additional Features

  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple currencies with automatic gain/loss calculations
  • Secure access via username and password
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Establish menus/navigation by job task or by user
  • User preferences establish business rules for processing

Client Server Technology

  • Open system architecture
  • Multiple DBMS support for Oracle, SQLServer, Sybase and SQLAnywhere
  • Client support for WindowsNT, Window 3.x or Windows95

Service and Support

  • Onsite installation
  • Onsite training
  • Custom programming
  • Source code
  • Annual maintenance
  • Software enhancement lists
  • User conferences

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EmpowerAR:

"EmpowerAR" is part of the EmpowerFinancials line of products, developed by EmpowerFinancials.