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EBSAttendance was designed to calculate your accruals, enable your employees to self manage their time, lower HR costs and reduce administrative costs. The system will be 100% accurate and error free thanks to the built in work flow, preventing employees from requesting more time off than they have accrued. The system is designed to manage any company, regardless of size, allowing you to set different plans for executive, salaried, and hourly employees. The system will calculate your accruals based on hours worked or lump sum. These accruals can be set to occur annually, quarterly, monthly, at the fiscal year, at the employee’s anniversary date, or at some multiple of the anniversary date.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EBSAttendance:

"EBSAttendance" is part of the EBSTime line of products, developed by Employee Based Systems.