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Embassy Software

A developer of business management software.

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The company Embassy Software, a subsidiary of Diversified Systems Resources (DSR), is responsible for developing, deploying and supporting supply chains automation solutions. Founded in 1982, DSR maintains relationships with two key customers, IBM and AT&T, providing specialized software support services which link the employee and customers users of these companies to their respective communications networks. Embassy Software, which provides its solutions to the SME, was jump started out of the need to connect via integration software between trading partners of AT&T and IBM network customers. This initial marketing channel provided for significant business development with such companies as American Express and Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, this limited the market for Embassy Software to only the network customers of AT&T and IBM, but the true market potential exists outside these relationships, with two large customers in AT&T and IBM, DSR has had little need to market, Embassy Software on the other hand, requires a marketing machine that will introduce its solution to the SME’s.

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