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Create & Deliver Personalized Forms and e-Documents with DigitalEquest-ECAST Sales Orders. Deliver full color catalogs to customers based on their last purchase history, or give custom query parameters.

Introducing a powerful new way to implement automated form merge. AutoMerge Publisher adds variable data, text, barcodes and graphics to single- and multi-page form templates, delivering personalized output for print, fax, email and Adobe PDF applications!

Automated Form Merge

AutoMerge Publisher adds automated form merge to your TELEform product, letting organizations deliver pre-filled personalized forms faster than ever before. Using the point & click Designer, your form templates are merged with existing database data through a batch process, and can be connected to incoming paper forms and HTML and PDF eForms for ‘real-time’ response.

  • Rapid Publishing & Collection with AutoMerge Publisher is a benefit for a wide range of applications, including Case Report Forms, loan applications and surveys of all kinds.
  • Create High-Quality Output from data. AutoMerge Publisher turns raw data into high-quality paper and online ‘ePaper’ forms – an ideal solution for creating and presenting invoices, purchase orders and corporate forms over the Internet.
  • Improve Data Quality by using form merge in the distribution of surveys, employee forms, and applications, where known information is merged onto the form and the user is asked to complete the remaining portions. This speeds the collection process, and offers an opportunity for your merged data to be confirmed or corrected by the user of the form.
  • Save Time & Money by replacing print/mail of forms with online creation and delivery of Adobe PDF eForm attachments. And with the Cardiff solution, sent forms can be completed and submitted online!

Create & Deliver Personalized e-Documents

Collecting information often results in the need to send a response or a ‘next step’ document. With AutoMerge Publisher you can automate the creation and delivery of personalized responses by merging variable data, text, barcode and graphics with templates created within Designer.

By merging data into 100% a single- or multi-page form template, you can use AutoMerge Publisher to:

  • Be Responsive and automate the creation of personalized confirmations and certificates, ideal for event registration, permits, test-scoring applications and more.
  • Increase The Impact of your email marketing efforts through high-quality 4-color Adobe® ePaper® Solutions.
  • Reach Your Customers with delivery options of email, fax and print – which can be set on a per record basis.

Other Applications

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