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eHopper provides intuitive management systems to small businesses worldwide. Focusing on helping small businesses run their operations at full efficiency while conducting business with their customers and clientele, eHopper is driven towards providing complete solutions that small businesses need in order to cut operating costs and earn more profits.

The small business management experts here at eHopper pride themselves on the services, benefits and support they offer and provide to their clients, both current and prospective. Not only do we provide POS systems, but also the necessary hardware, merchant services integration and live support that we feel small businesses need when they work with us.

With eHopper, we offer beneficial services that include:

  • eHopper POS: The simple, all-in-one point of sale system that makes running a small business less of a headache and more of a revenue generator. Run your business with efficiency, monitor data with full transparency and cut down on expenses.
  • Merchant Services: We provide valuable merchant services through A1 Charge for transaction processing.
  • Reliable Hardware: Tablets, mobile devices, cash registers, receipt printers and bar code scanners are available with all of our solutions.
  • Security of Data: Our cloud-based system keeps your business data safe and secure from hackers and data loss.
  • Support On-Demand: Speak with a support agent online, over the phone, or by email when you have an issue. We also maintain a large knowledge base that is frequently updated.
  • Flexible and Scalable: eHopper offers solutions for those with multiple stores, offering seamless implementation of our POS system across each location.
  • Worldwide Support: Our services and software are capable of reaching clients anywhere around the world.

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  • eHopper

    Cloud-based point of sale software for small businesses.

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