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EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection automates production processes and provides complete visibility into the status of all jobs on your factory floor.

EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection allows shop floor operators to see up-to-date work-to lists and work instructions right on their screen and schedulers can see potential scheduling conflicts and solve them immediately.

  • Actual transactions are summarized and are available for review by factory supervisors before being updated into the Job Costing module, removing the need for data re-keying.
  • Produced quantities can be collected automatically to orders using direct machine interface (DMI), or manually through the touch screen. A single workstation can simultaneously capture data from multiple production processes, minimizing hardware needs.
  • As a shop floor operator logs onto a production process, they are automatically presented with the latest work-to list published from Advanced Scheduling, already listed in the scheduled sequence.
  • Operators can view job plans that indicate the status of any previous processes and all relevant manufacturing information including special instructions.
  • Using DMI, the number of sheets or products is automatically accumulated against make ready. Run or downtime counts can be easily viewed.
  • EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection has a windows-based user interface, and can be operated by keyboard, mouse or touch screen technology.
  • EFI Radius SFDC provides a factory-level view of the status of all jobs on the shop floor, allowing plant management an instant view of their machines.

EFI Radius Shop Floor Data Collection is designed to streamline and automate your production processes, while providing full visibility into your factory operation.

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"Shop Floor Data Collection DMI" is part of the EFI Radius line of products, developed by EFI.

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