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Keep your customers happy by providing them with the quality they expect. And, make sure your raw material providers are doing the same for you. The EFI Radius Quality Management System (QMS) helps you ensure your customers get the best products possible and helps your organization monitor the quality of the raw materials you bring in. Increase profits through higher customer satisfaction and returning customers.

Create Quality Tests for Finished Goods: Set up quality tests based on your expectations or those of your customers. Tests can be performed item-by-item or per customer or product.

Turn Customer Returns into Corrective Actions: As your customer returns decline with use of the Quality Management System, take steps to correct returns that do happen. Categorize why items were returned and define actions to resolve them.

Capture Quality Issues Discovered During Production: Create corrective action reports with actionable fixes. Integration with Advanced Scheduling and optional Shop Floor Data Collection means schedule changes and waste reporting are quick and easy.

Monitor the Quality of Your Raw Materials: Have confidence in your inventory by employing the same quality pass/fail tests on incoming raw materials that you perform on outbound shipments for your customers.

With the EFI Radius Quality Management System, you can make sure the products you send your customers live up to your expectations and theirs. This starts at your receiving dock by verifying the quality of your incoming raw materials, and ends with quality shipments going out the door.

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"Quality Management System" is part of the EFI Radius line of products, developed by EFI.

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