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Effectively manage and impact your company’s production process.

The EFI Radius ERP system is focused around the production process of your organization. The production process depends on real-time, accurate information, which is pulled from the other modules in the EFI Radius system and those modules depend on accurate production information. Estimating, job costing, scheduling, inventory management and all other parts of your organization are intertwined with production and EFI Radius provides the cohesive link, ensuring your organization is as streamlined, informed and efficient as possible.

Take advantage of complete system integration: Make sure the right materials are available for every job and production schedules are up-to-date every time.

Manage tooling use and association to jobs: The extensive Tooling Library can be used to associate tools to jobs. Even multiple tools of the same type can be associated to a single job. Tooling use can be captured and monitored over time so you know when it is time for tools to be removed for maintenance or replacement.

Track current and past jobs: Use Work-in-Progress (WIP) Tracking to see how many parts have been produced at each stage of production and where they are in the shop in real-time.* Full Traceability allows you to review finished goods starting at their raw material origins and continuing through each production step, capturing machines, operators and times.*

Stay informed and communicate: Electronic Work Instructions can be segregated by production area, ensuring clear communication of job instructions and expectations.* Optional Shop Floor Data Collection offers two-way communication between shop floor operators and supervisors. Operators can see updated work-to lists on their monitors and supervisors can take a live look into the status of jobs. Broad or specific reporting options are also available.

Manage outsourcing: For externally produced job steps, the Outsource Manager creates a PO to ship items out and returns them back.* System integration ensures that job, job costs and scheduling are automatically updated.

*Available for Professional and Enterprise Editions

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