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EFI Radius’s Inventory Management contains the processes to help your company streamline its operations, reduce errors and get the right materials to the right place as they are needed for each job.

The system can simplify the control of inventory and improve the accuracy and speed of its movement by leveraging optional radio frequency barcode scanners with handheld device support. Beginning at the receiving dock, EFI Radius helps manage the verification of goods when they are received, so you can track what came in against purchase orders, before items go into stock. On receipt from the supplier, the system produces a bar-coded label to attach to the pallet, case or roll to allow for tracking of all further movements. Supplier information can be received via optional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), allowing for the use of supplier-applied barcodes.

EFI Radius supports bin location control for efficient stock management, and allows for roll materials to be controlled down to the individual roll level.

Using the system, you can issue materials to jobs as required and they will be automatically reduced from stock values and the costs will be transferred to Work-in-Progress (WIP) against each job — helping to keep accurate track of stock and materials costs for jobs.

With EFI Radius you can automatically identify when there are not enough materials to run a job, so you can make informed decisions immediately - such as completing part of an order, providing a new promise date for a client or finding alternative materials on hand for a substitution.

The system tracks pricing and valuation of materials, it supports effective date pricing to allow for fluctuation in cost of materials over time, and it maintains a complete history of materials usage and activities that can be used in performance analysis.

When supplier invoices are received, EFI Radius’s on-line program facilitates and expedites matching up the invoices against the purchase orders and goods received - so companies can efficiently reconcile amounts due and accurately pay suppliers.

EFI Radius Inventory Management can help your company automate the process of getting the right materials to the right job, every time, while allowing you immediate visibility into the quantities and locations of all your materials, across any number of plants.

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