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Extend your electronic efficiency to your external contacts with EDI.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a form of structured, electronic communication between organizations. Paper documents are replaced with electronic data, and EDI provides the automated transfer between computer systems, using an agreed upon set of standards. EFI Radius EDI messages provide information, e.g., receiving shipping notes.

Save time and reduce errors with EDI. The automatic, electronic transfer of information means your employees don’t have to take as much time to process them anymore so you can do things more quickly. Human/data interaction is minimal, so data automatically flows from one point to another, minimizing the opportunity for error.

EFI Radius offers a sub-set of standard EDI transactions, however non-standard and variations of standard EDI transactions can be developed to meet specific needs. The EDI package is completed with the use of a 3rd party EDI solution, such as Biztalk or Gentran, which your organization uses to process EDI files to and from.

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