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EFI Pace’s SFDC capabilities allow you to automatically collect and view real-time information on the status of each job, while capturing information to help your organization measure job costs and automate manual processes such as collecting hours for payroll and reducing inventory levels based on goods used in production.

With EFI Pace’s SFDC, your employees and your customers can access accurate information about the status of each job, helping your staff to be more productive and providing your clients with the ability to check on their own orders, anytime. EFI Pace is fully integrated so the costs from the time and materials used on a job are captured and tracked in the total job costs, allowing you to gauge your actual performance against estimates.

The system also allows for complete automation, so as jobs are produced, finished goods quantities are captured and materials inventory levels are reduced, helping your organization reduce manual processes and eliminate errors.

Leveraging EFI Pace’s SFDC will also provide your organization with complete visibility into your production operations. With comprehensive reporting capabilities, your company will be able to determine where estimating can be more accurate, spoilage could be lower, overtime could be reduced, and machines and departments could become more efficient.

EFI Pace’s SFDC capabilities provide printing companies with the automation and improved visibility into operations necessary to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

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