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Automate, plan and track your purchasing for improved vendor management, precise reconciliation of materials from vendors and more accurate vendor payments.

EFI Pace Purchasing allows complete tracking and automation of planned and actual purchases, from planning through ordering, receiving, inventory updates and invoice reconciliation.

With EFI Pace Purchasing you can automatically verify that invoices contain correct purchasing prices and terms and that the amounts invoiced match the amounts actually received by your company. You can automatically track adjustments and changes and run variance reports to identify areas for improvement.

EFI Pace also handles inventory and special order items for jobs in process and and general purchases and provides reports and alerts for receiving employees so they know what to expect and where it should be allocated. The system also contains alerts if there are any items missing that were supposed to be included, allowing you to make adjustments to vendor payments and immediately notify production personnel so schedules can be adjusted accordingly.

From Purchase Order Receiving Worksheets to reports that provide information to plan for COD shipments and outside services, EFI’s Pace Purchasing can help your organization make purchasing more accurate, efficient and cost effective.

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