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EFI Job Production and Costing allows you to plan for the production of jobs in the most efficient way possible, automatically manage all the processes required in production and easily keep track of actual costs against the estimated costs, to maintain healthy profit margins for your business.

With EFI Pace Job Production and Costing your scheduler can view the entire job plan at a glimpse or manipulate the priority of jobs in any department by changing information on the electronic planning board in the system, allowing you to more easily maximize your margins and meet production deadlines. The software allows you to see, organize and sort all jobs in the system by cost center, activity and resource, so you can easily view and optimize your production workflow.

The powerful Job Costing capabilities allow you to quickly and easily compare actual costs against estimated costs and measure results against plan, so you can make informed decisions to improve your organization’s performance. EFI Pace’s Job Costing also enables your organization to distinguish clearly between non-planned work, such as rework caused by human error or defective materials, and chargeable work, such as customer change requests, to help your company reduce non-billable rework, and capture billing for chargeable work.

The system also includes comprehensive reporting capabilities, such as reports for any time period, for employee time sheets, job charges, job billing and actual vs. estimated costs, giving you full visibility into your job cost details. It also allows flexibility to capture information automatically through Shop Floor Data Collection, so the location and status of jobs is captured as they move through your facility, or by quick and easy entry of information via devices such as portables or data collection keypads, allowing your company full visibility into the status of your operations, at all times.

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"Job Production and Costing" is part of the EFI Pace line of products, developed by EFI.

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