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EFI Pace Job Control and Scheduling provides a fully integrated hub so you can access and easily manage all of your job activity, from planning and scheduling, to collecting costs, tracking purchases, managing inventory and shipments and collecting shop floor data.

EFI Pace’s Job Control and Scheduling is fully integrated with the rest of the EFI Pace system, enabling your company to contain all current and past job information in one place, allowing customer service, sales, production and management access to the same information, when and where they need it to better serve clients while improving employee productivity.

EFI Pace’s Job Control and Scheduling also offers flexibility, allowing jobs to be entered manually, or to be automatically converted from an existing estimate or duplicated from an existing job. The job information can then automatically flow to the job jacket, stock ticket, scheduling ticket, shipping labels, delivery tickets and other standard and customizable forms, to eliminate manual steps, reduce errors and allow your employees to focus on more strategic tasks to grow your business.

With EFI Pace you can automatically compile schedules for all jobs. The scheduling capabilities use the promised date for each job, along with the current workload, production capabilities and production plan to create an optimized and graphical schedule for production, which can be reviewed and manipulated by scheduling staff to manufacture jobs as efficiently as possible. It also includes daily totals of scheduled hours for each cost center and alerts the production scheduler when resources are over-allocated or under-utilized, allowing your production to become more efficient and your resources to be leveraged most cost effectively.

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"Job Control and Scheduling" is part of the EFI Pace line of products, developed by EFI.

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