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Automate the management of your materials and finished goods to improve customer service, reduce inventory carry costs and increase your staff and production efficiency.

EFI Pace Inventory Management allows your organization to automatically track and manage the receipt, use and billing of materials in your production operation, eliminating manual processes, diminishing missed materials billings and reducing inventory carry costs through more accurate inventory control. The software supports multiple warehouse and bin locations, item classes, product types and subtypes and can manage thousands of items for different customers, helping your organization reduce costly errors while gaining complete visibility into the status of all materials on hand against all materials needed for each job in your production schedule.

Fully integrated with the Estimating module, the Inventory Management module allows your organization to track existing inventory against production estimates, automatically determine what you need to order and when, to meet deadlines for jobs, automatically allocates the materials in stock and on order to the jobs – then records them for billing purposes.

Wireless hand-held scanning devices enable your staff to be more productive and quickly enter inventory transactions at any point in your supply chain, from receiving production materials, to the tracking of completed finished goods for orders. With EFI Pace’s Inventory Management your company can automate and improve the accuracy of managing your most expensive outside resources.

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"Inventory Management" is part of the EFI Pace line of products, developed by EFI.

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