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EFI Pace can help you remove guesstimating and turn your estimating into an exact science, helping you improve your margins and respond more quickly to quote requests.

With EFI Pace Estimating you can produce fast (often in 60 seconds or less) and accurate estimates based on your shop’s standards. Featuring cost-based estimates with pricelist integration, EFI Pace estimating optimizes estimates automatically based on press, materials, operations and by quantity, while offering support for virtually unlimited press configurations and quantities on a single estimate. It’s flexibility allows estimators to review estimates, make adjustments to parameters or explore other possibilities to maximize efficiencies and improve profit margins on jobs.

EFI Pace Estimating supports sheet-fed, web, digital, wide and superwide formats and creates planning records for each operation to be scheduled. It allocates materials to the job, providing a seamless transition from estimating to production without the need to re-key data.

With EFI Pace you can also enjoy robust pricelist quoting capabilities including:

  • Automatic generation of quote letters which can be emailed directly to customers, so your sales representatives can send fast, accurate and highly professional quotes to help your organization win more business.
  • Facilitates fast and accurate scheduling by linking quote items directly to inventory items, to ensure the right materials get to the right job, in order to produce the right item at the right price.
  • Offers flexibility to support multiple and single quantity, multi-part quotes and includes capabilities to support customer specific pricelists, so you can streamline and automate your entire estimating and quoting operations.

With EFI Pace, you can automate and optimize your estimating and quoting capabilities and quickly determine the most cost-effective production plan using your shop standards and estimating attributes.

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