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With EFI Pace Business Analysis and Reporting, you can quickly and easily mine the vast transactional data in your organization and turn it into meaningful information that you can use for fast, accurate decisions that help you optimize your business performance. With EFI Pace Business Intelligence you can:

  • Improve your company productivity by reducing the time spent hunting for information. It eliminates the need to reconcile numbers and build spreadsheets, allowing more time for value added tasks. Meetings become more strategic and your company becomes more productive.
  • Understand your company performance by easily viewing cost center production plans, monitoring collections efforts or tracking jobs in real time.
  • Increases access to key information needed at each level in your organization, in the users’ preferred format, enabling immediate and consistent access to accurate information for improved customer service and increased efficiency.

EFI Pace Business Analysis and Reporting is your key to accessing the information you need, on demand, to answer the questions about your company’s performance that will enable you to make the decisions needed to improve it, every day.

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"Business Analysis & Reporting" is part of the EFI Pace line of products, developed by EFI.

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