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  • Automatically generate GIS based Route Planning, for Inbound, or Outbound or Point to Point routing for Static addresses, for all classes of Delivery, with Time Windows and Equipment and Driver attributes.
  • Dynamic Routing using next generation handheld devices with continuous GPS access.
  • Routing can be on a City to City basis (Intelliroute/PC Miler) or on a street to street basis (ESRI+).
  • Dynamic Geo-Address coding is available for B2C or C2B shipments with automated audio direction capability.
  • Using next generation handheld devices with bar-code readers, read barcodes at time of receipt or delivery and receive event notifications, all in real time.
  • For Truckers - Automated HOS collection. (With the Real Time system feeds to payroll and AP for Line Haul), driver performance, productivity measurement and root cause analysis.
  • Activity Based Costing and Revenue Modeling.
  • Load potential customer data and see its cost impact on real Historical data.
  • Use your existing revenue calculations with activity based costing to look at the profit impact of adding and removing customers and market share.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Transportation Planning & Routing:

"Transportation Planning & Routing" is part of the eF3 Systems line of products, developed by eF3 Systems, Inc..