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  • Ship cases, build pallets then build loads.
  • Customizable stacking and loading rules.
  • Multiple Stop and priority loading.
  • Mixed-case pallets loads - Perfect for creating multi product load plans
  • Extensive stacking, loading rules help minimize transient damage.
  • Program calculates axle weight and shows location of center of gravity.
  • Smart pallet placement algorithm to secure more stable loads.
  • Users can improve load cubic efficiencies and cut shipping costs 10-25%.
  • When preparing outbound shipments 3D Load Optimization, may be appropriate.
  • It is recommended for containerization, line haul and especially recommended for loads of odd shaped shipments.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with 3D Load Optimization:

"3D Load Optimization" is part of the eF3 Systems line of products, developed by eF3 Systems, Inc..