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eF3 Systems, Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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We are Computer Consultants, Integrators and Developers of Custom Code and Custom Software specializing in Logistics and Transportation.

We specialize in software for Logistics, Transportation, Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management including Route Optimization and Freight Payment cycles. Empowering our users around the globe

Our Philosophy

Our business is to service your business. Computers and technology are just enablers. We formulate designs that yield the highest rate of return for you.

Focus: Though we are technology based, we will use the technology only if it will produce a better ROI and user experience.

Perspective: Sometimes, only a process change is needed in operations and not more software.

Goal: Design and integrate systems that will provide the best ROI in considering user and customer experience.

Who We Are

We formed our company in 2001 from a knowledgeable and skilled set of system architects and developers with business knowledge, who were seeking a more agile process of software development.

Our Staff Skill Sets and Certifications

We are a Java shop, exploiting its portability, scalability and operational ability to run on the low cost, high power platforms that have emerged in the recent years, and on the low end cellphone. But we interface and integrate with most databases and legacy systems that are currently operational.

Our skill sets are broadly based. We work with GIS, GPS, IVR and Mobile systems where the technology will produce a better ROI and user experience.

Our Technical Certifications include CMC, Sun and IBM Java, VS Cobol II, Oracle DBA, SQL Server (MCDBA), IBM DB2 (DBA), Microsoft Windows (MCSE), IBM AIX, Linux, IBM Websphere and, Cisco CCNA

If you need some logistics help to enhance or develop new processes, we can provide autonomic, scalable and modular software, rapidly and at low cost.

Product Lines

  • eF3 Systems

    A web-based multi-module management system designed by eF3 Systems, Inc. for transportation companies.

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