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Reporting, Querying

Query Editor

  • Use the quick search screens throughout the program, or for more complex searches use the query editor.
  • Powerful ability to combine multiple fields, logic, and use partial string searches.
  • Save a query that can later be loaded for convenient access.


  • Save custom reports, queries, labels, etc. for future use and easy access.
  • “Super reports“ are available for the advanced user, supporting custom graphical layouts, advanced formulas, and more.
  • Easily create custom reports, column based, support for table querying, and custom formulas.
  • Choose from hundreds of modifiable standard reports.
  • Provides increased flexibility and versatility for the development of truly customized solutions.
  • Powerful list reports.
  • Cross-tab reports.
  • Step by step report wizard which makes report building faster and easier.
  • Allows for output to HTML.
  • Picture may be inserted into headers and footers.
  • Ability to alternate row colors on reports.
  • End of day reconciliation reports by department: Automatic and up-to-date.
  • Best seller report (top products): See your hottest selling products for any time period, location, product class, and more!
  • Income/sales by month report: Better organized for number crunching and purchase analysis.
  • Sales history reports can be broken down by period, location, product class, and more.
  • Monthly and daily sales tracking file - even more reporting possibilities.

Expanded Printer Options

  • Dymo label printer support (barcode, mailing and more).
  • Ability to select from many document types and direct them to various printers within the network including orders, invoices, quotes, returns, events, purchase orders, pick lists, receiving’s, transfers, address labels, inventory labels, and more! Orders can now be sent to printer ”A“. Pick lists sent to printer ”B“. Address labels to printer ”C“.
  • Some forms now allow for page scaling (percentage).
  • Now able to print to PDF.
  • Enhanced ability to pre-select the number of printed copies in some forms.
  • Date and time pick list printed now visible on the order entry screen.
  • New option to print customer purchase history with a single click of the button while viewing the detailed customer item purchase history on page 3 of the customer record.

Not available for OS9 Only available for OSX

OS X, Windows XP Compatible!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reporting:

"Reporting" is part of the POS/OE 4 line of products, developed by E.E.S. Companies.