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  • Mail/Phone Order support - many powerful features to make order entry fast and streamlined.
  • Choose from thousands of ship to addresses from the customer record.
  • Third party billing and drop ship ability, bill one customer, ship to another.
  • Serial number required items are easily visible by a check mark on the invoice.
  • Quick look up of item, last price paid and last purchase date.
  • Pop-up of predefined shipping methods.
  • Send documents to different printers using custom settings automatically. For example, send sales documents to one printer, pick list documents to another printer.
  • Quick commands to jump into the customer record, inventory record and more.
  • Warranty support / tracking, parts and labor days, create event records for tracking or follow-up.
  • Create service orders to track the repair status of items sent to you by a customer and track parts and labor used. Create an order for these costs to send to the customer for payment.
  • Ability to change certain on-screen and printed document text. For example, instead of “Shipping”, change it to “Ship/Handle“. Multi-Language capabilities too!
  • Ability to back order or put items on lay-away. These items can be queried and reported easily.
  • Print extended item descriptions - detailed description, special notes or requirements.
  • Support for masking of printed credit card numbers, and expiration date on orders and invoices.
  • Deferred printing of orders/invoices.
  • Nine Miscellaneous fields on invoice - store special tracking information that can be queried / reported.
  • Time field on selected invoice and order forms. Also can be used for querying and reporting.
  • Prints your pasted logo graphic in header, and footer text.
  • Bundling system lets you combine sets or groups of products.
  • Built in area (measurement) and lease calculators.
  • Add new inventory items or change the description on the fly.
  • Dozens of integrated Invoice forms to choose from for your laser or inkjet printer, or interface to our retail receipt and ticket printers.
  • Generate Pick and Pack slips.
  • Supports C.O.D. tag printing.
  • Hierarchical choice lists when selecting product - for example, type ”part“, and see a choice of product brands. Choose a brand, see a list of models. Choose a model, see a list of years, choose a year, pick a part.

More Mail/Telephone (MOTO) /Wholesale/Distribution Features:

  • Ability to add an order from the list of orders display screen. Saves time by eliminating the need to toggle between screens.
  • Miscellaneous fields in orders and invoices to allow user definable pop-ups which speeds up the entry process and prevents errors.
  • Email field on page 2 of an order which will be carried forward into the invoice. This allows for increased flexibility with email orders and invoices by adding another address other than the default customer address.
  • Customer item sales history pop-up: Shows you everything your customers bought from you, at a glance.
  • Drag and drop from customer history list to new orders and invoices: Make orders and invoices faster.
  • Item sorting in invoices, orders, proposals, events - rearrange items on an order/invoice/proposal any way you want.
  • Manage separately, the customers of leasing companies that use your products and services.
  • Tabbed screens: Quicker navigation through customer information screens.
  • Balloon help: Understand certain fields more easily.
  • Sell available seats to your seminar or instructional session.
  • Advanced real time stock checking and allocation check box: Prevents embarrassing overselling.
  • Set customer order cancel date.
  • Multiple ship-to addresses and ship method per line item on an invoice: There is No better way to serve your customer when they need to send items to many people.
  • Enhanced price control in sales: Calculate prices depending on quantity sold.
  • Control tax jurisdictions on orders/invoices based on the ”Bill-to“ or ”Ship-to“ address.
  • Collect tax by customers, order, invoice, state/county, or department tax jurisdictions.
  • Multiple ship-to addresses per customer.
  • Order payments based on shippable items only, or all items.
  • Invoicing accommodates backordered items.
  • Convert Proposals to Work Orders.
  • Add product item serial numbers ”on the fly“.
  • Product item quick information available in various modes, including order or invoice mode.
  • Add Trade-Consignment allows purchasing trade-in items from customers or taking items on consignment from vendors.
  • Split commissions.
  • Standard and customizable inventory usage reports.
  • Entry of item number, SKU, and manufacturer’s part number allows user to search for inventory by three unique numbers and by vendor sources.
  • Recurring invoices/orders.
  • Maintains product keywords which enhances search ability by description.
  • Automatic global price changing lets you set the data criteria for sales events.
  • Shipping manifest, shipper tracking options.
  • Package conversion allows automatic sales of single items received in bulk.
  • Items may be sold and purchased in decimal quantities.
  • Choose from available for sale or physical quantity as selection for filling backorders and package makeup.
  • Arrange line items feature at order entry allows order taker to present orders in groups that simplify order filling and checking at various points in order completion cycle.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Mail/Phone Order:

"Mail/Phone Order" is part of the POS/OE 4 line of products, developed by E.E.S. Companies.