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Light Manufacturing

  • Multi-Level bill of materials / light manufacturing system.
  • Raw materials are expended and combined to produce an end product. Multiple end products can also be used as raw materials in multi-level builds.
  • At-a-glance status of stock, ability to build numbers.
  • Print build sheets, custom reports.
  • Item break-up function support if raw materials are part of a case or pack.
  • On the fly customization of quantity, costs, or even raw materials.
  • Resulting build data can be queried and powerful reports generated.

More Manufacturing / Time Card Related Features:

  • Package makeup / bill of materials system for light manufacturing.
  • Package make / Bill Of Materials system for light manufacturing - expend raw materials / parts and produce items for sale or use in other manufacturing processes. Track cost, movement, and using the time card function track job time by employee.
  • Project planning, costing, job, and project status.
  • Track employee time - Log In, Log Out, Break Times.
  • Job file records can be reported and/or modified through the “Utility” menu.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Light Manufacturing:

"Light Manufacturing" is part of the POS/OE 4 line of products, developed by E.E.S. Companies.