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E.E.S. Companies

A developer of business management software.

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E.E.S. Companies, Inc. is an established software developer specializing in the development of commercial and custom merchant business software and e-commerce applications across multiple platforms and programming languages.

E.E.S. Companies, Inc. was founded by Hank Szretter in 1988. Hank is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor who has a background in many fields, including software engineering and design, consulting, security and retail sales. While running his own light manufacturing business he saw a need to develop a powerful business software program that could handle the needs of a retailer, mail order as well as a light manufacturing company. With experience as a retail sales manager for a retail computer store chain he was aware of the features and concerns that a retailer/service business has on a daily basis. At the time many retail stores were starting to open mail order divisions and thus there was a need for business software to handle both retail and mail order functions.

E.E.S. is an OEM for 4D Inc, an Apple Developer, Apple Business Agent and dealer for point of sale barcode scanners and printers, cash drawers, credit card readers and receipt printers. As an Apple Business Agent, E.E.S. can recommend the latest Apple computers and provide a turn-key business solution with POS/OE 4 Mac.

Since inception, E.E.S. has pioneered many cutting edge technologies and released many highly innovative products for the Macintosh at an incredible rate. E.E.S. is the first company to pioneer and offer on-line, integrated, automated credit card processing software for a Macintosh application. Today E.E.S. is certified on many major credit card networks which offer customers a variety of choices and opportunity

E.E.S. provides total customer solutions by determining the needs of their clients and implementing them using the latest state of the art technologies. Our knowledgeable staff offers technical support and training on POS/OE 4. We offer valuable insight and assist businesses to automate their business operations to increase efficiency and productivity by providing a complete solution.

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  • POS/OE 4

    A multi-module management system designed by E.E.S. Companies.

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