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The purchasing module of Edible Software will prevent resource depletion due to excessive inventory and prevent lost revenue due to product shortage. This module provides you with timely information to make inventory purchases based on historical knowledge and existing orders/sales. This product enables you to perform Just-in-Time purchasing and greatly decrease the costs associated with managing large inventories. All inventory received, but not billed for by the vendor, is automatically recorded in an accrued payables account. This allows you to print accurate financial statements at any point in time. Finally, all outstanding PO’s can be viewed at any time for audit-trail purposes. Some additional features of this module are:

  • Default standard inventory item display by vendor, at time of P.O. entry
  • Automatic allocation of costs (e.g. freight) over multiple items in a load
  • Receiving with or without a PO
  • Non-inventory item purchase capability
  • Up-to-date recommended inventory item purchase reporting
  • No re-keying of data at time of inventory receiving or vendor invoice receipt

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing:

"Purchasing" is part of the Edible Software line of products, developed by Edible Software.