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M1’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling System (APS) provides amazing flexibility on the shop floor, while delivering unprecedented levels of scheduling accuracy and efficiency. Schedule your floor forward or backward, finite and infinite. Simple “drag and drop” features allow you to instantly reschedule jobs or make routing changes. Advanced finite/infinite scheduling feature allows you to quote jobs more accurately through custom job forecasting and “what-if” scheduling. Real time reporting enables you to respond instantly to customer demands and changes in the marketplace. With the most robust Advanced Planning & Scheduling system in the industry, M1 puts you in control of the entire production process and provides more control over your bottom line.

  • Control the shop floor with backwards and forwards scheduling of individual or multiple jobs
  • View available capacity to overload situations for each work center or department
  • Reschedule multiple jobs with a single screen
  • Define a work center by its crew size, number of machines, etc.
  • Provide a detailed Planned Material Requirements report
  • Automatically schedule all assemblies within a job to come together for final assembly

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"Advanced Planning and Scheduling" is part of the ECi M1 line of products, developed by ECi Software Solutions.

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