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The Advantage Point of sale is designed to provide the tools necessary to provide information quickly and complete the sale accurately in as few as steps possible. The multifaceted Point-of-Sale application offers many configurable options allowing you to do business “your way”.

  • The same screen is used to create invoices, open orders, delivery tickets, bids, estimates, quotes, or special orders
  • Customers may be looked up by their number, name, or a keyword in their name
  • Charge customers may have unlimited job accounts
  • Job listings pop-up, to allow easy selection of the correct customer job for the sale
  • The system prompts for a purchase order number, if the customer requires one
  • Multiple tax rates may be charged for various tax entities
  • Non-inventory charges may be added to orders
  • Sales commissions are tracked through Point-of-Sale
  • Authorized charge signers are displayed on screen
  • Customers may be changed during an order
  • All open orders, bids, estimates, quotes, etc. may updated, canceled, or invoiced
  • Tax status may be changed during an order
  • Tax resale numbers will print on all invoices
  • Reason codes track why products are being returned
  • Restocking fees may be added to return invoices
  • Each sale may require the sales rep to be identified
  • Items may be looked up eight ways: item number, bar-code, vendor number, manufacturer number, description, description by keyword, department/class code, or location code
  • Each item may be coded whether it is taxable, commissioned, discountable, loaded or picked up
  • The cost and margin of the items and the total sale may be viewed (encoded)
  • Inventory items may be added from Point-of-Sale
  • Items may be cut into other items and all General Ledger entries, quantity changes, cost changes, etc. will be made automatically
  • Items can be sold by eight different packaging units
  • Items or the entire invoice may be repriced by margins, markups, dollar amounts
  • Items are deleted or inserted with one keystroke
  • Open orders may be printed priced, unpriced, with totals only, or updated only
  • Random length items may be sold by system suggested tallies, based on the quantities available, or based on the ratio you design…either may be overridden
  • Orders may be subtotaled multiple times, prior to the final total
  • Items being returned can be easily located and returned at the same cost and same price as when purchased
  • Multiple purchase orders may be generated from POS while creating a customer’s order
  • Defective items may be placed on a “return to vendor“ purchase order from Point-of-Sale
  • Total weight, board footage, and cost may be viewed
  • Notes about inventory items may be viewed
  • Miscellaneous notes may be added to orders/invoices
  • Items that are not in inventory may be sold
  • Orders may be saved for recall and looked up by the recall number or the customer’s name
  • One key lookup of other store location’s inventory
  • All General Ledger entries are automatic
  • Cash, check, credit card, coupons, and gift certificates are supported
  • Multiple payment modes may be combined for a single transaction
  • Past due and ”over the credit limit“ charges can be restricted requiring a password for approval
  • Deposits may be taken and tracked on open orders
  • Invoices may be printed to a slip printer or full invoice ticket, as desired
  • Cash drawers may be easily balanced with the cash drawer reconciliation program
  • Customer history of any item they have purchased may be accessed from Point-of-Sale
  • Closed orders may be re-accessed from Point-of-Sale
  • 36+ months of sales history may be retained
  • Closed orders may be reprinted for up to 36 months
  • General Ledger entries for all Point-of-Sales activity can be posted in detail or summary

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