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Inventory management is the most critical factor in successful businesses today. The need to maintain the best possible margins in a rapidly changing market as well as stocking only the products that sell is a must. Keeping stock levels realistic, and observing what is happening to your quantities on a daily basis is the reason most businesses have embraced computer technology.

  • Movement codes based on the volume of sales
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities per vendor
  • Each item may be set to allow discounts or not
  • Product weight and volume references
  • Multiple bin location coding
  • Each item may be set to taxable or nontaxable
  • Items may be coded to allow or disallow reordering
  • Physical and cycle count programs
  • Automatic calculation of the average cost of items
  • Code fields you can define for reporting purposes
  • Mass change program for easy maintenance
  • Quick inventory adjustments to quantities or costs
  • Serial number and warranty tracking
  • Commission tracking by item
  • Track General Ledger activity by item or dept/classes
  • Unlimited vendors per item
  • Unlimited bar codes per item
  • Purchase and/or quoted price history
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities per vendor
  • Reorder points may be set for each vendor
  • Sell each item by eight different packaging units
  • Multifaceted automatic pricing structures available
  • Optional auto repricing, based on cost changes
  • Pricing options, based on margins
  • Promotional Sales may be pre-entered for automatic pricing during the sale
  • Promotional reports provide valuable advertising information
  • Automatic or manual price labels or bin tags with or without bar codes
  • Price rounding table configuration
  • Specify the pricing unit for selling, purchasing on-hand quantities, etc
  • Price calculator set to each items packaging units
  • Daily, month, yearly, and prior year’s sales, quantities, and cost activity is easily accessed
  • Complete tracking of all quantity change
  • Automatic reordering suggestions base on movement history
  • Advantage inventory report parameters may be customized by choosing several available options
  • Frequently run reports may be saved by a name you determine for quick printing
  • Overstock or Understock Report (system generated purchase order)
  • Valuation and Gross Margin Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • General Inventory Report
  • Cost of Sales Report
  • Inventory Tracking Report
  • Physical/Cycle Count Sheets
  • Report of Slow-Moving Items
  • Bar Code Report
  • Inventory LIFO Report
  • Price Book of Sale Items

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