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Data Synchronization is a new module within EBMS. This module is used both in the POS and ecommerce environments. Data Sync allows Touch Screen POS stations to work independently from the main network. This feature could accommodate POS in another location or just give a peace of mind that the network has no effect on the speed of the POS station. In ecommerce this module is used to sync item information, payment options, and customer account information from EBMS to the ecommerce website. Orders are also synced from the website down to EBMS.


  • Point-Of-Sale
    • Synchronizes inventory information, customer information, and orders, between the POS station and EBMS data
    • Allows Touch Screen POS stations to work independently of the main network
    • Accommodates POS stations in different locations
    • POS stations only synchronizes after a user logs into the station using a tray icon / application
    • Allows you to break connection from the network and then synchronize changes when re-connected
  • ecommerce
    • Synchronizes inventory information, customer information, orders, and additional specified fields from EBMS to the website
    • Synchronizes orders from the website to EBMS
    • The web service checks for changes or orders every 10 seconds unless it is turned off
    • At the time that the web order is synched to EBMS, sales order settings are used
    • The Web Update Service Administrator allows you to start or stop synchronization at any given time
  • Other
    • Synchronize data between a laptop that is not continuously connected to the EBMS network
    • Use to download POS or Task data from a laptop within a service or delivery truck
    • Connect a remote POS station to the accounting system located on a laptop at the end of the day or week

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Remote Data Sync:

"Remote Data Sync" is part of the Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) line of products, developed by Eagle Business Software.