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Profit Centers and Departments are used to evaluate the income, cost of sales, and expense for a segment of a company. The option contains the ability to print profit reports and other financial reports for a specific department of the business. Creating departments or profit centers allows the user to analyze the profitability of a department, profit center, or division within the company.


  • A department is a separate activity or product line within a company. A department is coded within the general ledger chart of accounts by the 3-digit extension to the main 5-digit account code.
  • A Profit Center can consist of a group of one or more departments that are grouped together for financial summaries such as profit and loss and balance statements.
  • Overhead costs can be posted to a single general ledger account and then allocated to individual profit centers based on a monthly or annual percentage. The percentage distribution is dynamic and can be entered on a monthly or annual basis. For example, multiple profit centers may share a common building and the building costs such as maintenance, utilities and insurances. These costs are then distributed to the individual profit centers based on the percent of space used within the building.

Other Applications

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"Profit Center & Department Management" is part of the Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) line of products, developed by Eagle Business Software.