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Components and accessories group multiple inventory items into a kit or set that is identified by an inventory code. These groups are used as standard component lists, assemblies, materials lists, manufacturing batches, made-to-order items, inventory sets, and associated items.

A kit or assembly identifies a list of inventory items. Inventory is maintained by the parts or components within the main item.

A manufactured item is assembled or manufactured from parts or raw material. Inventory counts are maintained for both the manufactured item as well as its components.

Accessories are related items that accompany an item in the sales document. They are priced separately rather than assembled within the kit.


  • Kits & Assemblies The component is linked to a main item that is priced as a unit. Inventory is maintained by the parts or components within the main item.
  • Materials Lists on a Sales Order or Invoice The Materials lists feature of EBMS used to list individual items within a sales order or invoice without displaying the details on the printed invoice. The Materials list feature is useful in the following situations; An assembly is listed on a sales order or invoice that contains multiple components, the sales invoice shows the total contract without product or labor details, the individual products used to fulfill the contract are listed within the materials list to properly process inventories, or when a set of inventory items are sold and priced as a set rather than priced individually
  • Inventory Sets The components are linked together using a main inventory id but each item is individually priced. All pricing is derived from the component level to create a set total price. Inventory counts are processed the same way as when the user enters each individual item.
  • Manufactured Inventory Inventory components can be set up so that the sales invoice is not affected when the inventory item is entered. The components are used only when the optional manufacturing module is available. The inventory module is used when an item is required to be manufactured from other inventory items at a given manufacturing date (rather than be processed at sale time). This allows the system to track counts on both the manufactured part and each component.
  • The optional components option within EBMS allows the user to attach multiple options to a specific assembly. The list of components within an assembly may have a combination of standard features (components) as well as options (optional components). Options such as color may or may not affect the price of the entire kit. The pricing options for the assembly may be based on the total cost of individual components or the base price of each component.
  • The accessory option within EBMS allows the user to add accessories or options that are priced separately rather than assembled within the actual item. These items are listed on a separate tab from the item’s components.

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"Components & Accessories " is part of the Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) line of products, developed by Eagle Business Software.