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Eagle Business Management Software

A comprehensive order entry, inventory, and labor ERP system designed for today’s small business.
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EBMS contains complete enterprise resource planning tools that are important in managing a business more efficiently. The EBMS software is a great upgrade from more basic software such as QuickBooks and Sage 50/Peachtree without a large budget required by most corporate level software.

EBMS may be a good fit for your business if you need more power and reliability. Upgrade to EBMS if you need a more integrated solution or have a unique need without paying the cost of a vertical market specific solution. EBMS provides many custom scripting options, flexible reporting, and adding additional information to tabs or databases to meet specific needs.

The software can grow with a business; starting with the basic modules and a few users but scaling to a complete network solution with many software options. The software is guaranteed for 90 days to ensure that the solution performs as advertised and meets the specific needs of the business.

Popular Functionality Modules

Financials The General Ledger Module of EBMS is the main module of the accounting system; it has a similar relation to a hub in a wheel. Transactions from accounts payable, accounts…

Accounts Receivable & Point of Sale The order entry system within EBMS allows the user to enter a sales order quickly with flexible pricing, proper terms, and descriptions. Special pricing, promotions, and…

Financials & Accounting Tools This module of EBMS is the main module of the accounting system; it has a similar relation to a hub in a wheel. Transactions from accounts payable, accounts receivable,…

Extensive Reporting The EBMS report system allows the user to print, export, and format the vast amount of data available to the EBMS user. EBMS includes many reports to successfully analyze…

Components & Accessories Components and accessories group multiple inventory items into a kit or set that is identified by an inventory code. These groups are used as standard component lists,…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Eagle Business Management Software

from Yoder's Country Market says…

Excellent in many ways. The pos buttons are a bit small. The service is slow to fix bugs or problems at times but the program as a whole is great.

The good: It has many different mogels to serve all my business needs.

The bad: The POS buttons to be bigger. To have a better pole display for the customers. better service

from Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. says…

EBMS provides a good platform for business accounting offering a modular approach that makes it adaptable to many types of businesses. We especially appreciate the versatile, horticultural features that help us as an Agricultural business. In addition, the integration of Point-of-Sale, accounting, and inventory management for our retail farm market has become an essential part of our operation.

The good: EBMS has excellent audit features, allows flexibility in managing all accounts, and has outstanding “drill down” features that allows a quick view into specific transactions. The horticulture features provide a means of tracking yields and labor costs in a highly detailed fashion and is highly adaptable for piece rate, contract, hourly, and salaried payroll methods.

The bad: EBMS is a product designed for intermediate business and may be considered too expensive for small businesses that could truly benefit from its features. EBMS is an accrual system. For Agricultural enterprises that file taxes on a cash basis, the translation/interpretation of transactions may be awkward. EBMS provides the platform for a great deal of detail in all areas. However, the time required to set up a detailed system is very substantial. So, the initial cost of setting up EBMS is far greater than the purchase price of the user licenses.

from Beiler Hydraulics inc says…

Good software for small businesses

The good: Strengths inventory weakness mfg mudule

The bad: Mfg module

from Yipes Auto Accessories of Northern Vermont says…

I appreciate that EGMS is willing to address our personal needs and implement them quickly

The good: works very well with our business needs

The bad: Since we were the first to use the software with the Keystone line, it was a bit of a challenge getting it set up in a way that would work best with our business. Now that we have been using it for several years, I’m sure there are still features that we do not know about, so would probably be helpful to have an easy interactive way to review all the features

from Cocalico Plumbing & Heating says…

To sum it up one software program that does it all! We use it on a daily basis and truly would recommend it to others.

The good: It is so easy to navigate and use. From processing payroll, entering customer information and invoicing, to generating monthly reports you will be surprised at what all EBMS has to offer.

The bad: Have not encountered anything I do not like or would change

from Londonvale Inc says…

EBMS Is a very well rounded software for companies with hundreds of inventory items. The reports used throughout the various modules are very helpful in managing your day to day operations. We recently added the task module to improve our service department scheduling and track work in progress and were very pleased with all the options and implementation.

The good: General Ledger reports are clear and pin point on. Inventory folder capabilities are endless. Proposals that are using the most recent pricing update upon the last vendor purchase.

The bad: A large number of our customers obtain a budget number with an original proposal number. Then changes are made to the proposal and we either add or delete items. This causes us to either copy the proposal and makes changes so we do not loose our base price or add option lines to the original. I wish there would be an option to overlay the changes on the proposal but not lose the original. Some estimating software allows for the base bid to remain black ink and the changes to be red ink and the third change to be green and so on to help customers decide which option is best. It would also be helpful and more clear to present to the customer. If we provide three options on the current proposal platform for they are all added together at the bottom causing the customer to be confused and in some cases sticker shock. Then we always end up explaining the price would only be the total of one of the options.

from Alpha Building Center says…

EBMS is a software that can be tailored to fit specific needs. This allows us to conduct our business our way, without having to deal with software that does not do exactly what we would prefer.

The good: I think the best thing that I like about EBMS is that, while it has all the complexity needed for it to do what it does, it is not a complicated program to operate.

The bad: I think that the thing that I do not like the least is common windows keyboard shortcuts, such as ctrl-p for printing and ctrl-a for select all (there are others as well,) are setup to do something completely different in EBMS. I prefer to use the keyboard for most of my work and would think that having those common shortcuts would improve workflow.

from Wojanis Supply says…

EBMS is a fully customizable inventory management/accounting software package that is affordable to the small to medium sized business.

The good: I enjoy customizing reports to suit our needs as well as the flexibility to tap into the system for third party applications.

The bad: Ok…you asked. The customization process is too long and often times get overlooked even though a tracking number is assigned to each request.

from Sweitzer's Performance says…

It is a great software for business. You have everything you need at your fingertips and easy to access.

The good: The Reports

The bad: it all seems to work good for us

from JMLapp Plumbing and Heating says…

EBMS is a comprehensive software, that integrates accounting, inventory management, job costing, reporting, manufacturing, customer contact info, among other things. EMBS is flexible and customizable to accommodate a wide range of business applications. We love it.

The good: The part I like the best about EBMS is definantly the flexibility you get from all the setting options as well as the ability to customize the design. The inventory management design is powerful. There is a lot of information that can be stored in each inventory profile. I like the min max setting for track count items and the way that works with inventory ordering. I like the many reports that EBMS can provide and the fact that custom reports can be created. The tasks module also is powerful and we use it extensively since we are in the service industry. Job costing is great and we use that a lot too.

The bad: The task module should have a calendar view displaying scheduled tasks.
Lacking integration with remote devices like smart phones.

from Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market says…

The integration is really good. Orchard management, payroll, sales and website, unified inventory including random weight items.

The good: The ease of having one set of data for all business units while allowing dozens of users to access it, and being able to easily backup that data. Not all databases are this easy to work with as far as ease of management.

The bad: Response time to my support needs, even just an email giving me a ticket number and perhaps one sentence from a CSR giving a quick suggestion, is the same day only about 30% of the time.

A representative from Allout Offroad, Inc says…

Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Accounting

The good: “The key to running a business successfully is efficiency. EBMS has helped us achieve efficiency not just for our point of sale software needs, but our accounting needs as well. It has helped reduce the amount of time that was spent on searching for certain transactions, tracking parts, monitoring our inventory, and keep our accounting up to date. We have caught many costly mistakes made by our company as well as our vendors, that could have been easily overlooked in the past. Our goal is to continue to grow our business, and EBMS will be a major tool in helping us become the successful company that we desire. The support team is patient and has done an excellent job in trying to meet the needs that we require, even if what we need is not inherit with EBMS. Duane in particular has spent more than ample time explaining the functions of EBMS and getting us out of binds that we may find our self in from time to time. Overall I am very pleased with the product and would recommend EBMS to anyone looking to help assist their company for all of their point of sale software and accounting needs.”

The bad: NA


A great software program that is meeting every need as business and technology is rapidly growing

The good: great tracking, super reports, and a lot of time saving tools

The bad: Yearend banking reports should be printed the same day as fiscal year end to avoid unneeded time