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Cash Management helps with reconciliation of monthly bank statements, check and credit card transactions and assists in tracking bank account balances.


Easy Bank Reconciliation for all cash, check, credit card transactions, deposits, transfers, keeps bank account balances and automate the monthly reconciliation process.

Bank Reconciliation is a must for businesses who handle several bank accounts with multiple transaction sources and destinations. It will increase efficiency and accuracy, while providing the flexibility you need to track your many cash-related transactions.

Some of the Bank Reconciliation features include:

  • Simple, Efficient, flexible, centralized reconcile process.
  • Display more information by drilling down to original transactions.
  • Make adjustments for bank to book transaction differences such as interest income and service charges and automatically update General Ledger during reconciliation.
  • Print a range of checkbook and history reports.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Cash Management:

"Cash Management" is part of the e Sales Enterprise Suite line of products, developed by e-Managing Solutions.