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E-ISG Asset Intelligence

A developer of business management software.

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At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, our mission is to deliver cost efficient solutions to help our customers to manage and track their assets so they can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

We focus on making our software solutions intuitive, easy to use, and mobile, so customers can integrate the solutions in their business processes.

We focus on integrating the best practices in asset management into our software products. We support industry standards like ASTM 53, ISO 55000 in property management, and FAR/DFAR rules on government property management

We believe that asset management is not just about the technology. It’s important that our customers establish the processes and train their people on the best practices in asset management. So we work with our partners to deliver the entire asset management solutions, including business process assessment and improvement, inventory audits and reconciliation, asset tracking technology evaluation and implementation, and system integration.

Product Lines

  • eQuip!

    A web-based or on premise CMMS system designed by E-ISG Asset Intelligence.

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