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e-Builder is the leading provider of fully integrated, cloud-based construction program management software with an owner-centric focus. e-Builder is focused exclusively on meeting the needs of repeat builders in the construction industry. 100% of our clients are in the construction industry and over 80% are facility owners, or function in a role similar to the owner. This allows us to solely focus all of our research and development efforts on our client’s unique needs and challenges, providing the lowest risk and fastest deployment option of any system on the market.


Since 1995, over 5,000 companies have engaged in facility planning, design, construction and operations, and have used e-Builder Enterprise to manage the vast amount of information, processes, and communications that occur throughout the lifecycle of a project.

The company’s flagship product, e-Builder Enterprise, improves construction project execution which results in increased productivity and quality, reduced cost, and faster project delivery. Just one year after it was founded, e-Builder made headlines when the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission of Laurel, MD, became the first organization to use the Internet as a tool to collaborate on a capital construction project and manage project information through the use of e-Builder; they remain a client today.


e-Builder exists to enable repeat builders to improve construction project execution making construction faster, less expensive and more reliable, thus freeing up time and energy for society’s higher priorities.


e-Builder’s vision is to help the construction industry become the worldwide productivity leader, and the industry benchmark against which all other construction capital project management systems and software are measured.

Core Values

  • Integrity - We say what we do and do what we say. We are honest with clients, prospects and each other.
  • Teamwork - We put team success ahead of personal success. For the good of the team, we help others achieve their goals even if they don’t directly affect our own.
  • Innovation - We find creative and practical solutions to the right problems.
  • Responsiveness - We listen and understand the needs of our customers and take action quickly to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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Market Focus

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