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Envision Series

A full ERP system designed by e Application Solutions Group.
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e-ASG Envision Series is a web-enabled, features rich, integrated and modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system encompassing Financial and Human Resource/Payroll software applications designed to power Public Sector organizations transitioning into e-Government. IBM recently rewarded e-ASG’s Envision Series the 2000 Excellence Solution award for the “Born on the Web“ category. Envision Series has been successfully implemented in more than 150 State and Local Government organizations.

Envision Series AutoX tools include an ad-hoc query and reporting tool that seamlessly integrates with the MS- Office suite allowing direct access to live and historical data thus facilitating management analysis and reporting. Envision Series leverages built-in ”Best Practices“ that provide interactive guidance to Envision Series users. Every business process is broken up in workflows and every workflow broken up in steps. Hypertext help is associated to every business process, to every workflow and every step providing summary and detailed information integrated with powerful navigation and search facilities that interact with the application.

e-ASG’s key strength has been its ability to leverage its functional knowledge and technical skills to provide solutions in emerging markets such as web-enabled ERP software development and implementation for State and Local Government organizations. e-ASG focuses on State and Local e-Government solutions based on Envision Series providing a complete solution encompassing product development, maintenance, installation, training, implementation and post-implementation support.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger Features Include: Real time budget management and expenditure monitoring Fund and encumbrance accounting Tracking of potential account transactions Flexible account number…

Accounts Payable Features Include: Full integration with Purchasing to support onetime data entry Invoice and vendor management Unlimited history Cash flow projections Check reconciliation…

Accounts Receivable Features Include: Customer accounts receivable tracking Single or multiple billings Variable billing periods Automatic invoices and aging reports Complete audit trail with…

Payroll Management Features Include: Exception entry and table-based control Multiple pay frequencies Position management User control of pay, benefits, and deductions Table management of…

Purchasing Management Features Include: On-line/real time purchasing management Automatic budget control Complete encumbrance management Authorization levels for account charges and warehouse use…

Complete Functionality Module List

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