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A developer of business management software designed for enterprise organizations.

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Dynac Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Dynac™ emerged in 2002 out of necessity when founder Gary MacFarlane identified a market gap for an intuitive and intelligent budgeting application. The result is the Dynac™ suite of budgeting applications that automate manual budgeting tasks, provide dynamic and rolling forecasts and generate rapid, robust reports.

The Dynac suite of software products are used by private and public companies throughout North America.

Today’s suite of Dynac are the pinnacle of budgeting sophistication. Yet affordably priced for small-to-medium businesses and scalable for any size enterprise.

Dynac was born of a single vision: to remedy the stagnant, inefficient budgeting processes that stifle so many businesses.

In other words, to create a suite of budgeting applications so revolutionary that they, in turn, create a new paradigm in budgeting - known to Dynac customers as DynamicSimplicity.

Product Lines

  • DynacBudget

    A budgeting application designed by Dynac.

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