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Managing the costs associated with target marketing is one of the most challenging jobs for any successful direct marketer. Paper prices and postage costs make it almost impossible to simply “mass mail“ your catalog, and the high costs associated with long distance calling require exceptional accuracy when planning a telemarketing campaign. M.O.M.’s optional List Management Module gives you the power you need to select names with razor-sharp accuracy, plus all of the options to manage, to your target lists with big postage savings!

The Power to Select! - When it comes to your customers, M.O.M.’s a know-it-all! Every piece of information on every customer and prospect is available with just a few clicks of your mouse! Select to include or exclude names from your list using anything and everything you know about your customer.

  • Customer Type
  • Advertising Source
  • Catalog
  • Type of Products Purchased
  • Order Frequency
  • Payment Method
  • Custom Demographic
  • Information
  • Geographic Location
  • Date of Last Activity
  • Products Purchased
  • Amount Spent or Profit
  • Customer Number
  • Sales Person
  • Points & Rewards Activity

Create and Save Queries and Lists - M.O.M. makes working with lists easy! Create a list query consisting of the set of include and exclude statements that you need to do a special mailing for a new product. Include all of the customers that purchased the related products, then exclude all the customers who already purchased the new product. Compile your list and see the exact counts for each include or exclude statement as well as a running total of all the names in your list. Save your query and use it again to create the same list, or modify it to create a slightly different list. And, you can save your lists too! Each query can have an unlimited number of lists associated with it!

Eliminate Duplicates and Remove Bad Addresses - At today’s postal rates, why mail to somebody more than once? M.O.M.’s powerful de-duplication feature lets you ”scrub“ your entire customer file of duplicates and incomplete addresses. You can even export a file to the USPS to update your list with any changes from their National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

Print Labels and a Whole Lot More! - Enjoy the convenience of Windows-managed printing. M.O.M. gives you full support for the entire complement of standard Avery label formats plus many others - over 100 different formats in all! And, M.O.M. is fully compliant with all of the postal regulations for bulk mailing and supports POSTNET bar-coding for postage discounts.

You can also mail/merge a letter to your list and send it as printed letter, ”broadcast“ fax or e-mail.. And, if you’re preparing a list for outside use, either by a letter shop or for rental, you can specify exactly what customer information fields are to be included in the list - from simple name and address to the customer’s complete demographic profile! And, if you have the optional MOM Telemarketing Module, you can download the list to the outbound call log and assign specific sales IDs and call topics!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with List Management:

"List Management" is part of the Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) Enterprise Edition line of products, developed by Dydacomp.