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General Ledger Interface

If you’re like most businesses today, you probably already use one of several of the most popular PC general ledger accounting packages. At Dydacomp, we don’t expect you to give up a system that is already working for your company (and something that your accountant really likes.) That’s why M.O.M. lets you keep your existing accounting software by providing an interface to all of the popular software accounting packages available today. Just setup the account numbers in M.O.M.’s G/L maintenance screen and “post“ the M.O.M. A/P and A/R Journals directly into your favorite PC accounting system. It’s as easy as pressing the Enter key on your keyboard!

How the Interface Works

M.O.M. keeps a running journal for each and every transaction that you create during every business day. These transactions fall into one of several different accounts/receivable (A/R) and accounts/payable (A/P) accounting categories. Each of these categories are represented in the M.O.M. G/L Maintenance screen.

The G/L Maintenance screen enables you to assign the account number from your general ledger accounting software for each M.O.M. accounting category. Using either the Post A/R or Post A/P function, M.O.M. automatically ”summarizes“ all of the transactions detail in the accounts journal, and creates a special posting file with the corresponding summary figures for each account number in your accounting software. In the case of checks written for customer refunds or vendor payment, M.O.M. includes the detail on each transaction as well. The posting file is formatted especially for whatever accounting package you are using, and you simply import the file directly into your accounting software. It’s that easy! And, best of all, your accountant doesn’t have to worry about your using another general ledger package because M.O.M. lets you keep the one you already have!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger Interface:

"General Ledger Interface" is part of the Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) Enterprise Edition line of products, developed by Dydacomp.