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Customer Management

It’s one of the cardinal rules of direct marketing - the more you know about your customers, the better you can sell to them! Every time a customer makes a purchase of an item, writes for a catalog, receives a mailing, or just calls in to chat - it’s an opportunity to know your customer better, add new information, and build your business for the future. You need to be able to record and track customer information “behind the scenes” while still providing the kind of high quality customer service that sets your firm apart from your competition.

That’s where Multichannel Order Manager comes in!

Lookup Customers Fast and Accurately!

Whether it’s 5 thousand or 5 million names, when “Mr. Robert Smith” calls on the phone to place an order, you have to find him fast no matter how many “Smiths” you have in your customer list.

With MOM, it’s easy! Enter a last name, company name, ZIP-code, phone number or e-mail address, and MOM’s powerful relational database searches your entire customer file in just seconds. And, don’t worry about spelling mistakes - M.O.M. can even search on a last name or company name that “sounds” the same.

If there are multiple matches to your search, just use your mouse to click on the right one in the list. If there are no matches - search in a different way, or enter the name and address as a “new” customer. You can even create your own “customized” search field.

Everything There is to Know About a Customer - Right on One Screen

Most people would agree, the key to providing excellent customer service is to be able to have “the” answer for “the” question. When it comes to providing instant access to every aspect of each and every one of your customers, MOM’s power is simply unmatched. From one single screen you can do everything - enter new orders, review previous orders, list products purchased, record payments, manage contacts, update customer demographics - and, all with just a few clicks or key strokes!

B-to-B Made Easy

If you sell to other businesses, M.O.M. gives you the tools you need to succeed. Establish customer terms and credit limits. Apply finance charges and run monthly statements, select tax-exempt status, and setup special customer pricing discounts right down to the product level. And, because there’s no limit to the number of separate billing, shipping, sold-to, and contact addresses that can set up for a client, M.O.M. can manage your sales even for the largest business.

Catalog Requests are a Breeze!

When a customer requests a catalog, just check off the box for a mailing label and select the catalog to be sent. You can even issue a promotional discount or catalog rebate credit toward the customer’s next order.

Keeping in Touch - Customer Contact

How many times have you had a customer call and ask “I’d like you to send a catalog to me, but I think I may have already asked for one last week. Can you check for me?” Or, maybe a customer calls and asks to talk “to the person that they talked to the last time” without knowing the name of your staff member. MOM makes tracking customer contacts simple - you’ll always know what was sent, when it was mailed, who the customer talked to, and what they talked about.

Create Hundreds of Customized Sales Letters!

Design your own custom form letters. Use our own built-in word processor and spell checker or MS WORD. Send letters to new customers when they are ordering or to prospects when they call or write for your catalog. Select to print, fax or e-mail letters right from your M.O.M. screen!

Expand Customer Contact with the Optional Telemarketing Module.

The power of MOM’s contact management expands exponentially when you add this option. Manage your outbound and inbound calling. Create and maintain a complete call log for each customer. You can assign salesperson, record interest level, schedule call-backs and call-back topics. You can even design telemarketing campaigns using the optional List Management Module - create target lists and load them directly to the call schedule log with assigned salesperson and first-call topics.

Design a Customized Customer Profile for Your Company

Almost every company has a need to record and track some unique information about their customers. Commonly known as “customer demographics” the information is as varied as the imagination - for a clothing company it might be waist size and in-seam, for a sporting goods company it might be age, sex, and favorite sport, for a video company it might be preferences in type of movie or favorite movie stars.

MOM’s “Demographics Builder” (included with the optional List Management Module) lets you build a customized information database consisting of as many fields and free-form questions that you need to completely “profile” your customer. You can even incorporate special graphics. And, when you want to do a target mailing or telemarketing campaign based on any of your demographic information, it’s right at your fingertips.

Reward Your Good Customers

Design a points and rewards program for your customers. The more they purchase, the more points they earn and can “spend” on their next order. You decide how the points are earned and spent - specific products purchased or order total. M.O.M. automatically keeps a running account of each customer’s points and rewards activity, and you can print special statements to keep your customers informed and encourage more buying!

Other Applications

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"Customer Management" is part of the Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) Enterprise Edition line of products, developed by Dydacomp.