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Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) Enterprise Edition

A order entry system designed by Dydacomp for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.
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When you need software to run your e-commerce and mail order business - your whole business - you need an integrated system designed to do the whole job! Trying to “piece together” a system with “off-the-shelf” general accounting, contact management, mailing, inventory or simple database programs, simply does not work because you don’t have any integration. M.O.M. is the complete solution for your e-commerce and direct marketing business, and integration is precisely what makes M.O.M. so awesomely powerful!

The Main M.O.M. system includes all of the basics to run your business. Set up your entire company in M.O.M., and the rest is automatic.

Popular Functionality Modules

Multi-Company Controller Module (MCCM) This module enables you to run an unlimited number of companies using one single M.O.M. system. All customer, stock, and accounting information is kept separate for each…

General Ledger Interface General Ledger Interface If you’re like most businesses today, you probably already use one of several of the most popular PC general ledger accounting packages. At…

Accounts Payable Every time you record delivery of a purchase order from a supplier, you automatically create a payables transaction in the MOM A/P Journal. And, MOM gives you the ability to…

Accounts Receivable In any successful business, tracking and reporting the daily financial numbers is a demanding task. With M.O.M. “keeping the books” for you, you’ll always be…

Purchasing & Receiving One of the surest ways to lose customers is to “back order“ items. But then again, to maximize your financial resources, you probably don’t want to keep more…

Complete Functionality Module List

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